Exciting New Product Helping Working Mothers Juggle it ALL

The Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers,
created by local Hudson Valley mompreneur Danielle Novi Heller, will make an appearance at the New Parents Expo in NYC on October 15-16th.  This follows her international introduction at the renowned Playtime NY Expo, where her product was later featured as one of the Top Ten Picks for New Parents in NY Family Magazine. Danielle Novi Heller will be introducing her Toolkit for Working Mothers at this events,  and will be a guest speaker at the New Parents Expo.

The Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers is a brand new product that consists of 19 essential organizational and planning aids, conveniently packaged in one kit, which helps expectant mothers and working moms achieve work life balance. The 19 tools, guides and templates found in the Smart Solutions Toolkit fall into six sections:

  1. Maternity Leave and Returning to Work
  2. Mom Organizers and Planners
  3.  Child Emergency Information
  4.  Finding Quality Child Care
  5.  Alternative Work Schedules
  6.  Breastfeeding and  Work

Each toolkit contains specific products like mom organizers, baby choking and CPR instructions magnet, immunization schedule card, child care interviewing forms and much more.

One of the favorite sections in the toolkit, is the Alternative Work Schedule Section.  This section is filled with templates for negotiating a compressed workweek, telecommuting, job sharing or any other flexible work arrangement.

Danielle Novi Heller explains why her product is needed. “As a new working mom, you don’t have time to read 400 page how to books, you need quick, and ready-to-use tools, that help you successfully balance work and family life.”  Novi Heller explains, “What’s unique about my product is that I utilized the concept of one-stop shopping to create a single comprehensive kit that delivers a wide range of tools essential to finding that elusive sense of work life balance that working mothers strive to achieve.”

The Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers is the only product of its kind. For expectant mothers planning on returning to work after baby, the Smart Solutions Toolkit is the ideal baby shower gift.  It will help the expectant mother plan for maternity leave, secure her job while on maternity leave and return to work
after pregnancy.

Along with creating the Smart Solutions Toolkit, Mrs. Novi Heller is also an experienced public speaker who will be presenting the “3 Biggest Mistakes New Working Moms Make” at the New Parents Expo. She’ll discuss the common pitfalls that sabotage work life balance. The Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers is available at www.SmartSolutionsToolkit.com

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