Smart Website Changes Makes Solutions for Working Mothers Easier

Change is good and needed! The Smart Solutions Toolkit website has been updated. We have made the site more users friendly and included better descriptions of the 19 products found in our Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers. Our “Toolkit Content Page” now has quick visuals and a brief description of each product found in the 6 sections of the kit. The 6 sections have been renamed to include, Maternity Leave & Returning to Work, Mom Organizers and Planners, Alternative Work Schedules, Child Health Information, Finding Quality Child Care and Breastfeeding & Work. We have also added a section to the bottom of many pages called “How and Why This Section Was Created”. This gives the viewer a brief story about how each product found in the Smart Solutions Toolkit was organically developed by personal challenges I faced when returning to work after baby. We have also finally created a blog to keep our customers and fans updated on topics, issues and products that interest working mothers. Every page includes a “View Other Products in Kit” link so you can you can get details and pictures of all 19 products sold in the Toolkit. You can easily share the pages with your friends, or “like” us on Facebook. We have also recently established a twitter account. So follow the Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers on Twitter today and stay updated about exciting news for expectant moms and new moms. A special thank you goes out to Shane Daley, for making all website changes. We truly needed his outstanding expertise in search engine optimization. Thank you also to Joan Schuman Associates for their original website design and beautiful branding. Check out our updated website now

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