“It Takes as Much Energy to Wish as it Does to Plan” -Eleanor Roosevelt

When I was pregnant with my first daughter there seemed to be plenty of help and information out there about how to prepare for our baby’s arrival. I learned all about how to safety-proof my house, what I needed for the baby’s room, what foods to avoid during pregnancy, what changes my body was going through on a daily basis, and much, much more. Yet there seemed to be little help or mention of how to prepare to be a WORKING MOTHER. I had no idea how to plan for maternity leave and how to gracefully transition back to work after my daughter was born.

I, like so many other soon-to-be moms, spend 9 months preparing for the birth of my daughter yet never prepared myself for what would come next. After speaking with a number of other moms, it was pretty clear that many of us never had a plan, never were prepared and just tried to “kinda figure things out” as they came up. Well that is why I like so many other moms initially found balancing work and family life so HARD. While I expected leaving my daughter the first week after returning to work would be heart wrenching, I did not realize then that that would be the first of many unpredicted and unplanned challenges I would face in the coming months trying to figure out how to be an effective and efficient working mom.

Well take if from a mom who went through it herself, do not use the “wait and see” approach. Get ready, get prepared, get a plan and get help. This will not just benefit you and your employer but most of all your baby. Transitioning gracefully back to work and having a strong plan in place will help you be successful in your new dual role as mother and professional.

Question: What was the greatest challenge you faced when returning to work?

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